Rob Parker, MBA, CMPE, CPXP Administrative Director and Patient Experience Officer, Memorial Physician Group

Rob Parker, MBA, CMPE, CPXP is the Administrative Director and Patient Experience Officer for Memorial Physician Group which is a division of Memorial Healthcare System in Hollywood, FL. In this capacity, Rob has operational responsibility for 17 specialty divisions, 160 physicians and 200 employees. Prior to joining Memorial Rob was in two integrated systems in Pennsylvania and was an administrator for a very large primary care group. Rob also served 23 years in the Air Force as a flight medic.

Rob’s passion and dedication to the patient experience have been a part of his journey in every position he has served. Rob became certified as a Patient Experience Professional in 2016. Rob’s mission at Memorial has been to elevate the focus of the patient experience and engage all stakeholders in the conversation of the importance of the patient experience in reducing suffering and improving clinical outcomes.

Rob has been a presenter on the topic of the Patient Experience both locally and nationally. In these presentations, Rob works to inspire healthcare leaders from all areas to make sure the patient's voice is heard as it not only leads to better financial performance but helps patients live healthier lives.