Monday, February 25 - Disruptive Healthcare Day

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Jim Bouchard The Sensei Leader

“The world is changing and leaders must change with it. The days of "command and control" are over. People are demanding leaders who are emotionally intelligent and put the priorities of the people they serve above selfish ends.

We call these "human-centric" leaders––and our movement is dedicated to developing, cultivating and supporting these leaders. Leaders are people who transform themselves through their experiences, opportunities and challenges to become the people others count on for inspiration, guidance and action.

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Kevin F. Brennan, CPA, FHFMA SunStone Consulting and National HFMA Chair

Kevin F. Brennan, CPA, FHFMA is a Principal with SunStone Consulting. The firm, based in Harrisburg, Pa., assists clients throughout the country with reimbursement, regulatory, revenue integrity, and strategic solutions.

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Kathy Reep Florida Hospital Association

Kathy is Vice President/Financial Services with the Florida Hospital Association. Her responsibilities include monitoring regulatory issues related to Medicare, Medicaid, managed care, Workers’ Compensation, and TRICARE, determining their impact on Florida hospitals, and educating the providers in the state about their implications. She is also responsible for compliance issues related to billing, reimbursement, and HIPAA.

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Glenn E. Pearson, FACHE Pearson Health Tech Insights

Glenn Pearson worked in the hospital industry for more than 30 years and now applies his vast experience to help the healthcare industry fully embrace technology’s role in transforming healthcare. Glenn’s Executive Experience helps Pearson Health Tech Insights, LLC (PHTI)’s clients understand the mindset of healthcare executives and implement strategies for successfully offering their products to hospitals and other providers.