Sherrie Myers, Minor League Baseball Owner, Montgomery Biscuits Founder & Lansing Lugnuts Co-Owner

Women in business, hit home runs…sometimes they just don’t know it.

With a journalism degree and a background in national advertising product startups, somehow Sherrie became the only female owner out of 160 affiliated minor league baseball teams. Initially, all she did was offer to help her then-husband chase his dream of owning a team. Since then, she’s taken her entrepreneurial skills and female instinct to a male dominated world and has helped develop 9 stadiums across the country. Sherrie started a team in 2004 that many from the Southern Region have heard of -The Montgomery Biscuits, an AA affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays. She is used to what it’s like to second guess management decisions in today’s world or feel torn when your male counterparts don’t always agree. She’s become acutely aware that women have unique talents, but sometimes feel they are on an island or for her in an “outfield”, all by themselves. Sherrie has benefited from many industry accolades. These include being named AA team of the year, voted in the Top 20 sports venues in the U.S., best team name by Sporting News and winning Citizen of the Year in Montgomery, …all of this, despite her Yankee in a skirt, status. Sherrie's war stories will surprise us; her entrepreneurial passion and talent will impress and delight us. The wisdom she has acquired will help us all.